About Us

Eks-Pa Computers was established in 1987 in Ankara as a part of E-B Corporate Group. Since its establishment, it has successfully completed numerous public and private company projects with its IT-related products and solutions. In addition to its head office in Ankara, it has a district office in Istanbul.

Over the past 30 years in the field of Information Technologies, in cooperation with the worldwide leading business partners and with more than 60 experts, it offers the products and services of its business partners as well as of E-B Group companies as integrated solutions. Since 1999, it sells to institutions and organization all around Turkey via State Supply Office Catalog.

With its technical service offices in Ankara and Istanbul, it provides 24/7 service as an Authorized Service Provider in 7 regions and more than 20 cities across Turkey. Moreover, our business partners include but are not limited to
HP Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco and Trend Micro.

Eks-Pa Computers;
ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management Document regarding
Computer, Software, Hardware, Network Systems, Sales, Configuration and Post-Sales Services of Digital Archive Systems, Consultancy, Training, Document Scanning, Archiving and Data Entry Services,
• ISO 27001:2013 – Data Security Management System Certificate,
• ISO 14001:2004 – Environment Management System Certificate,
• ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 – Service Management System Certificate for Information Technologies,
• TS-12498 – Authorized Service - Computer and Environment Units - Workplace Document that provides service compatible with regulation standards.
• TS-13242 – Authorized Services – Service compatible with regulation standards regarding Computer Networks and Systems,
• TS-13149 – Businesses – Document proving compatibility with regulation standards for companies that provides Software Services.

In addition to these documents, with its personnels with Individual Security Document, Eks-Pa also has NATO Facility Security Clearance Document that is highly confidential on a National and NATO Security level.

Having highly important references regarding Digital Archiving Projects, Eks-Pa Computers provides service and consultancy for digitizing institution archives and digital and physical archive management. In addition, it has successfully completed many projects with its document-based special solutions.

In “500 Informatics Companies Research” - the only comprehensive research in the field of Informatics in Turkey – Eks-Pa Computers was ranked 52nd based on Sales Income and 8th in System Integrator category among 500 companies. Moreover, Information Technologies Companies – 33rd place, System Integrator & Hardware – 7th place, Data Backup and Storage Hardware Top 10 Companies based on System Integrator Revenues – 9th place, Top 20 Companies based on Desktop Computer and OEM Products Revenues – 3rd Place, Top 15 Companies based on Server Revenues – 10th place, According to Revenues, Top 10 Ankara Companies – 6th place.

EKSPA Inc. aims to provide its customers the RIGHT SOLUTIONS AND SERVICES, UNDER THE RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES that will always assure them high efficiency, by following closely the developments in informatics and Information Technologies, and by seeing its customers as its business partner.

  • 30th year in Informatics sector
  • It was established in 1987 in Ankara as a part of E-B Corporate Group

System Integrator

From the infrastructure to software, it plays a key role as the integrator in complex IT projects.

Broad Service Network

In addition to its offices in Ankara and Istanbul, it provides technical support services in 7 regions and 23 cities of Turkey.