Technical Services

Eks-PA has provided products and services to many institutions from various sectors in Turkey and has an important role in Turkey’s economy as the technological business partner that is reputable and that offers only high quality services.

Eks-Pa's main goal in Technical Services is to provide fast, reliable and accurate service, and it continuously invests in order to improve its services, to provide service diversity and to continuously follow the ever-changing and developing technology.

In our Authorized Service Center; authorized repair support is provided for corporate computers, intel-based servers and commercial storage systems network products. Various levels of services are available at our support service center or on-site.

Eks-Pa’s main goal regarding Technical Services is providing its customers the most secure, fast and accurate service possible, and it accomplishes so by offering technical support services in 7 geographical regions and 21 cities in Turkey.

Call Center: +90 444 10 42